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The Joy of Building
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J.O.B. Construction Company

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Woodstock, NY 12498
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Maverick Concert Hall
Woodstock, New York

J.O.B. Construction helped save the almost 100 year old Maverick Concert Hall. The finished work is perfect and great care was taken to protect the pristine environment. Working with everyone affiliated with this company was a joy.    -- Sandy Siegel, Building
 Committee Chairperson

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The Maverick Concert Hall is situated at the base of a large hill and for years has had water issues due to its location.There is quite a bit of bedrock close to the surface which required the use of a large hammer to excavte to the proper depth before installing drainage pipes.
Installing the manhole.This drainage swale was installed along the base of the hill to act as a first defense from water running down toward the Concert Hall.
The uphill side of the foundation was in really bad shape and excavation wouldn't be that simple. Great care had to be exercised and use of an air jet tool was used to ensure that the tree's roots wouldn't be disturbed.Crafting the new wooden sills.
Putting it all back together with a double sill.One side done and no harm to the tree!
Drainge pipes were installed at the most vulnerable locations of the building. The foundation was repaired at the same time.Another project successfully completed.