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The Joy of Building
Since 1976

J.O.B. Construction Company

PO Box 500
Woodstock, NY 12498
(845) 399-3080

Miscellaneous Items

Great work...honest, reliable, dedicated. I wholeheartedly recommend them for any building project.
-- Gary Chetkof, Owner of WDST Radio

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We also construct water features.Large stones require large machines to move into place.

The finished pond and waterfall.We retrofit for the elderly and physically challenged. This is a custom made 300 gallon walk-in spa tub.
This bathroom received a complete retrofit. The wiring sticking out of the wall is for an emergency call switch.And here is the barrier-free sink which allows for easy wheelchair access.
The original lower deck and posts to this home were all rotted out. All new deck framing, boards, and posts were installed.Here is the completed porch and deck ready for the owners to enjoy. The porch can also be used during rain showers due to the full roof above.
This building had been converted into office spcae for the Catskill Central School District. We were asked to make some exterior repairs.Here's the new deck, rails, and stairs complete with a new paint job.

This area was just lawn, dirt, and gravel when we started.It was transformed into a stone mosaic patio by the time we finished.

Mark Peritz is reliable and knowledgeable. He is a genuine craftsman and has good taste. If you want something built right, that lasts, that works, that you don't have to correct later, use Mark.
 -- Larry Beinhart, author of American Hero
(aka Wag the Dog)